Thanksgiving Cherries

Tonguetyed Al Gliniecki is all about his cherries so it is only appropriate that he suggests some cherry loaded recipes for Thanksgiving! Each of these cherry recipes is a play on a classic Thanksgiving dish. Cherries provide for a refreshing update on these timely recipes. Al can attest to the fact that cherries can provide a sweet, and sometimes tart, flavor to any dish or drink. Al Gliniecki and his team have put together a list of four great Thanksgiving recipes containing cherries. Three of the four recipes are Thanksgiving essentials and the last is a nice cocktail to ease the tension of potentially awkward family matters that may popup during the holiday.

1.) The topic of which Thanksgiving dish is the most important has been a hotly debated topic for centuries. Well, we are happy to tell the country we have easily settled that debate. Stuffing, or dressing, is the most vital part of a successful Thanksgiving dinner. It not only provides moisture and flavor when used to stuff a turkey; it can also take on the flavor of just about anything that is cooked into it. Stuffing, appropriately named, fills any gaps in the stomach left by inadequate dishes. Enter from stage left; stuffing with dried cherries and apples! This recipe takes on the traditional stuffing recipe and adds the unique flavor and texture of apples and, more importantly, cherries. The saltiness of the turkey gravy is balanced out by the sweetness of the cherries. This recipe is a must for anyone looking to improve on a classic.
Stuffing with Dried Cherries and Apples:

Al gliniecki tonguetyed al thanksgiving cherry and apple stuffing
Cherry and Apple Stuffing

2.) Ham has forever been the underdog Thanksgiving meat. Most people prefer turkey over ham as the primary source of protein on their Thanksgiving menu; and rightly so. Turkey, when cooked correctly, is very savory, tender, juicy, and delicious. Not to take away from turkey, because it is very good, we just believe Thanksgiving ham is more versatile… and more delicious. This baked ham recipe is traditional in the sense that just about all holiday baked hams are glazed. What sets this recipe apart is that it uses a spiced cherry glaze.

Baked Ham with Spiced Cherry Glaze: –

Al gliniecki enjoys spiced cherry glazed ham for thanksgiving. worlds fastest tongue for tying cherry stems with his tongue.
Spiced Cherry Glazed Ham

3.) Yes, it is safe to say the majority of the population would agree that turkey and stuffing are vital components of a Thanksgiving dinner. However, we know the real heroes of the Thanksgiving feast and they aren’t on the dinner table; they are on the small collapsible table in the corner of the kitchen. Of course we are talking about the DESSERTS! Regardless of how much food we pack into our stomachs on Thanksgiving there is ALWAYS room for dessert. An adequate dessert table consists of at least three things on Thanksgiving; a sweet potato and/or pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and a cobbler. Al’s dessert of choice is of course the ever-delicious cherry cobbler. This recipe provides that soul warming, nap inducing, post-Thanksgiving meal satisfaction everyone is on the hunt for after dinner.

Cherry Cobbler:

cherry cobbler
Cherry Cobbler

4.) In search of a solution to all of your Thanksgiving Day family drama? Try this Cherry Bomb cocktail. The recipe is self-explanatory. All we need to say is that each recipe contains 3oz of bourbon. If that isn’t enough to ease the tension, a family therapist may need to be involved before the next holiday! Enjoy responsibly.

Cherry Bomb:

cherry bombs
Cherry Bomb Cocktails

Happy Thanksgiving!

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