Anatomy of a Cherry

It is no secret that Al Gliniecki, the world’s fastest tongue, comes into contact with thousands of cherries
throughout the year. Luckily, for tonguetyed Al, cherries are incredibly healthy! With their numerous health benefits it is no wonder why cherries are called the “red rubies,” of medicine.

Cherries are packed with vitamin c, fiber, and proven to lower blood pressure! This heart conscious heavy weight is, pound for pound, one of the healthiest fruits available for consumption.

Al’s talent may not involve consuming as many cherries as he can, however, he certainly does indulge occasionally. Not to worry, he can do so without any reprocussions seeing as a single cup of cherries is only 90 calories and loaded with health benefits.

It is important to know the anatomy of a cherry to determine which part of the cherry is safe and healthy to consume. Cherries consist of 3 basic components:

1.) Stem- this is the supply line between the cherry and the tree. The cherry receives all of its nutrients via its stem. It is an important element of the cherry but holds no nutritional value. However, Al Gliniecki has found the perfect use for cherry stems, tying them into knots… with his tongue.

2.) Fruit Wall- this is exactly what it sounds like; the actual fruit of the cherry. The fruit wall is the edible part of the cherry. It contains water, antioxidants, vitamin c, as well as many other naturally occuring vitamins and minerals.

3.) The Seed- most commonly referred to as the “pit,” like the stem, the cherry pit is inedible and contains no nutritional value. The seed is used like any other fruit or vegetable seed; to make more cherries!

Cherries clearly have an abundance of health benefits. Below is an image containing many of their benefits as well as different types of cherries. TongueTyed Al Gliniecki hopes this article will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. We have also embedded a link to a WebMD article about the health benefits of cherries as well as a few tasty treat recipees! Now, in typical Al Gliniecki fashion, go get some cherries and enjoy!

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WebMD article:

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